What Can I Do in the Azure Preview Portal?

Just as you need to know how deep the water is before you dive off the high board, you want to know how deep the cloud is before you take your company operations into it!

azure preview portalThe Azure Preview Portal was created to allow you to do just that.  The portal is a snapshot of the entire  Azure platform, giving you the information and access to the tools that you need to fully appreciate the capabilities and value of the Azure platform. It also offers customization and personalization features that will match the way a user actually works in the Azure environment to create the ideal user-friendly interface.

 As a learning tool, the Azure Preview Portal also offers a variety of tools and resources that will help every business operate more efficiently and get more out of their Azure investments. This includes an all-in-one experience that allows users to work anywhere, with instant access to all Azure resources by accessing the Preview Portal from any device. Users can also combine services to create powerful applications and tools through the open-source Marketplace and Microsoft directly, with all service usage combined in one bill.

 The Azure Preview Portal allows users to keep tabs on their costs and expenses, with automatic calculation of monthly budgets and expenses, forecasting, and estimation of consumption. Whether a business is managing a few dozen resources or hundreds of them, this portal makes it easy to manage everything. The goal of Azure’s creators was to create a unified hub of activity and access that provides management, build access, and deployment of cloud resources in a custom interface that fits each organization and its operational needs within the cloud environment.

 Recent Improvements to the Azure Preview Portal

 More recently, developers have been working on improvements to the portal, including the new Essentials panel, which offers access to relevant settings, tags, resource group, QuickStart, and role-based access control (RBAC). Additionally, the resource blades have been simplified and optimized for regular use, offering quicker and easier access than in previous versions. Comprehensive settings and improved search options wrap up the first phase of updates, while a new set of improvements has been issued for the second phase of  Azure Preview Portal updates. These include improved portal interactions, audit logs, marketplace and browser interaction improvements, and more.

The goal, across the board, is streamlined access with simple, efficient interactions and utilities, and that is why Hanu recommends Azure as a resource for cloud computing to companies in all industries. Hanu Migration Services is designed to assist you in getting more out of this portal and other Azure platforms.  Contact us for more information.

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