Simplify Business Moving Home-Grown Applications to the Cloud

Much of the talk about the cloud is focused on why companies should switch to business management applications, like CRM and ERP, offered through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. An important decision, but most businesses also depend on home-grown software that was developed to manage very specific business requirements. Moving those applications to the cloud can save your business money… and a lot of headaches.

Lose the hassles, not the function

Those homegrown applications are critical the success of your organization. They have grown with your company – in some cases they may even seem to have a life of their own. Many companies choose to take the easier path and keep those old applications chugging along for fear of the losing functionality.

While no off-the-shelf application can replace the specific functions that your home grown application delivers, the benefits of the transition to the cloud may more than offset the costs. A cloud deployment delivers significant benefits, including:

  • Reduce dependence on old-school developers – Many home-grown applications were developed using programming that only employees close to retirement age can support. The risk to your business is best managed proactively by updating applications using current programming tools.
  • Reduce hardware costs – Legacy applications require operating systems and hardware that won’t be supported forever. The cloud offers the unique benefit of cutting the costs of hardware investment at the same time you upgrade the application.
  • Simplify IT support – It’s getting harder to find IT support personnel who know enough about legacy systems.  The expected tech labor shortage will make that challenge even greater. Young people simply do not want to support old technology.
  • Support your remote workforce – Most companies are supporting more people working from home and employees stationed around the globe. Cloud-based applications simplify the security and access for remote workers.

Keep it simple

Simplifying your operations allows your employees to focus on activities that make money instead of cost money. While the prospect of moving your home-grown applications to the cloud may be daunting, it may be easier than you think.

To help you find the best path to transition applications to the cloud, we’ve created the Cloud Application Assessment which takes less than 10 minutes and will give you a report with recommended actions.