Moving Oracle Workloads to Microsoft Azure

Enjoy the power of Microsoft platforms without having to only use Microsoft applications and database engines!  Microsoft has embraced the multi-vendor IT world we’ve all lived in for years!

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Currently, Microsoft Azure is the only public cloud that is fully certified and licensed by Oracle to run Oracle Workloads. This new partnership offers access to Oracle and Java for enterprise customers utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Mid-level and enterprise level customers love Azure because it supports their existing technology and lets them run the applications they already use. This enables companies to get to the cloud quicker and to deploy cloud operations far more easily.

 There are many different issues that leave companies in need of a better solution for their database management. Data center problems, such as a security breach or loss of data, as well as running out of physical storage room in data centers, are the biggest reason people come to cloud migration services seeking assistance with moving Oracle workloads to Microsoft Azure. In some cases, a business might need to move information quicker than they could in a physical data center transition, leading them to the cloud and the migration to Azure.

Microsoft Azure Circle member Hanu Software has certified expertise in both Oracle and Azure to make the transition seamless. Our experience with tools like Orion, ASM, and other applications allows us to make the proper adjustments and get applications running most efficiently in the cloud.

We begin the process by assessing your existing environment, which helps our Cloud Migration Services team understand each application and how it is used. This also affords us the opportunity to find all the right migration points and develop a superior plan for migration to Azure. We complete the process by tuning and testing to ensure the migration is completed properly.

To learn more about how Hanu Software is an authority for moving Oracle workloads to Azure, CLICK HERE to watch a short video.

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