We will monitor and proactively manage your entire Azure cloud-based ecosystem on a 24×7 basis and provide instant access to our dedicated support team.

Monitoring & Management

An extension of your company’s IT team, our Azure Monitoring and Management services ensure your application, data and infrastructure are operating at peak performance all day, every day. We will monitor your complete Azure environment and communicate with as frequent as you would like, through ongoing notifications and alerts.

Peak performance, around the clock

With 24/7 monitoring of your entire Azure ecosystem, we ensure that your system is operating at peak performance all the time, so you can optimize your TCO and gain ROI quickly and efficiently.

Great value, through and through

With affordable, direct access to the entire Hanu Managed Services team, your company will benefit from a fully reliable and accessible partnership that is truly invested in your success.

Reliable availability and uptime

From notifications and alerts, configuration and management, incident reporting and periodic health check audits, you can rest assured that your Azure platform will be your company’s most reliable asset.

Backup, DR & Patching

At Hanu, our Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Patching services protect your company from unnecessary downtimes and lost data. Whether your cloud environment location is on-premise, traditional or hybrid, we stop at nothing to ensure secure and durable continuity for your critical workloads. Moreover, our DR services enable faster recovery while eliminating the added expenses of a second physical site.

Only the fastest recovery for your company

We support a variety of backup, DR and patching architects to accommodate your company’s needs, without compromising on efficiencies that enable rapid recovery of your data and IT infrastructure.

Scale your DR environment and save

Our services easily scale as your IT environment grows, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware over time and enabling a true global footprint for DR.

Superior compliance and cost

Achieve the backup, DR and patching requirements of common regulatory data security standards and keep costs down by turning off your cloud, until you need it.

Firewall, Security & AV

Take advantage of our best practices and proven methodologies for protecting your web applications from common web exploits and vulnerabilities. Our Firewall, Security and AV services will help improve the security and compliance of your applications and keep you informed on the findings, prioritized by level of severity.

Protect your company from vulnerabilities

The world of cloud computing is moving at a rapid pace. Let Hanu help your company identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities and deviations from best practices to keep your Azure environment protected and secure.

Implement only industry best practices

With a dedicated managed service team including a technical account manager, support engineer, server and network admin, database admin and Azure architect, you can rest assured that your Azure environment is secured and maintained with only industry best practices, around the clock.

Hybrid Cloud

With Hanu, you do not have to choose between your datacenter and the cloud. You can have the best of both worlds. Our Hybrid Cloud solution provides an end-to-end, on premise system, completely synced with Azure cloud services. With our Hybrid Cloud solutions, you can meet your ever-changing business needs with greater flexibility than ever before.

Achieve greater consistency across clouds

Using the familiar tools and resources from your datacenter, your company will benefit from complete consistency across all of your cloud management platforms.

Enterprise-grade performance and security

Our Hybrid Cloud solution combines Microsoft Azure, Windows Server and Microsoft System Center, to offer enterprise-grade technology in your company’s on-premise datacenter as well as our own global data centers.

Extend your datacenter and get capacity on-demand

Easily move workloads from your datacenter to the cloud, while maintaining a complete view of your infrastructure with the Hybrid Cloud. We will help you build hybrid applications that include both on-premise and cloud resources, so you can take advantage of storage, backup and recovery options with increased efficiency.