Journey to the Cloud with Hanu

Is your business interested in implementing and developing Cloud Computing for new and existing applications? Hanu Software, a Microsoft Preferred Cloud Partner, can help you do just that, in a three step process to drive your business forward:


  1. Awareness- learn what the Cloud is, why the Cloud is important to your business the difference between areas of Cloud application development, the difference between public, private and hybrid Cloud and more.
  2. Assessment- Hanu will determine if your application is a good fit for the Cloud, define the benefits, plan the architecture of your Cloud approach and develop a Proof of-Concept.
  3. Adoption – Hanu will support the development and/or migration of your applications to the Cloud through our Extended Development Center, an extension of your in-house IT team.


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It is time to journey to the Cloud with Hanu – For your cloud computing needs and all other high-quality, high-value software development and business process outsourcing services call Hanu Software at 800-520-1816 or visit