How do I purchase Microsoft Azure for my business?

Azure has been a focus product of Microsoft’s as of recent.  You have probably heard of it or might even be considering it for your business.  We have had a lot of questions surrounding how to purchase Microsoft Azure and the questions start at the highest level.

One of the first questions that we get from companies that are serious about Microsoft Azure Cloud offering is “Where do I start?”, “What is an Azure subscription?”, and “How do I purchase Microsoft Azure?”

Microsoft Azure is sold in two different forms – Consumer License and Enterprise Agreement.

Consumer License

This is for a single consumer who just wants to jump on the internet, swipe their credit card and get started. This is easy, simply visit: to get started.  For the consumer license, you will only have access to one portal with a single subscription.  You cannot spawn off multiple subscriptions from that one subscription, but of course you can leverage all the features of Azure like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS alike.

If you are an individual user, typically you would purchase Microsoft Azure at and you would go to to build your project(s) – VMs, Network, PaaS services etc.

Enterprise Agreement

If you are a business looking to setup Azure with multiple departments and users, you are looking for the enterprise level package.  When you are looking into an Enterprise Agreement, you are committing to a certain level of use and based on the commitment, you get discounted rates.  For enterprise customers, you get access to two portals instead of just one. The first portal you will access is the  It is also called the Enterprise Portal [EP]. EP is the place where you can create departments, assign owners to these departments and under each department you can have one or more subscriptions.

If you are an enterprise customer, a super admin(s) would manage enrollments at to build your project(s) – VMs, network, PaaS services etc.

Stay tuned for an inside look at the Azure subscription structure coming soon!

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