Hanu Helps Municipal Association Pilot Azure with Offsite Data Backup Project

Everyone from corporations to municipal organizations is starting to exercise greater care when it comes to protecting and preserving their valuable data assets.  More and more companies are seeking easy, reliable offsite data backup methods to prevent data loss in the event of a physical disaster befalling their premises.

Azure offsite data backup

Hanu recently assisted a customer who was in the midst of evaluating Microsoft Azure as the new platform for their development and ongoing operations.  Still very early in the process, they discussed the need for an offsite data backup solution with the Hanu team.  The team immediately recommended they test the ease-of-use and flexibility of Azure simply by using it to solve for their data protection requirements.

The manager of the association’s test group explained that they were currently storing seven days of backups on local servers and tapes, and wanted to be able to go back as far as 30 days if possible.  Automated Azure Backup was the ideal solution.

For this simple pilot, Hanu provided a trustworthy method for assuring validation that the backup was successfully completed, and could easily be restored.  They provided a dashboard that made it easy to add new databases, control the amount of bandwidth assigned to the backup task, and then gauge the time required to complete the backup based on that bandwidth.

With a ~$400,000 enterprise agreement being considered, the association was delighted to see how easy it was to move key operations to the Microsoft Azure platform.

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