Our end-to-end Governance Services offer various benefits to companies utilizing cloud services, by enhancing security, compliance and cost control. Our Governance Services enable “business at cloud speed,” helping to establish cloud-centric IT operating models based on the speed, agility and cost of cloud computing. Additionally, our Governance Services will be integrated with your enterprise-wide IT processes to aid with cloud decision-making. At Hanu, we pride ourselves on the ability to help you make key decisions and investments, and prevent unauthorized cloud activities that expose organizational risks while simultaneously helping you achieve all the benefits of cloud services.


Our Security Governance services provide a central view of the security state of your entire Azure environment. In addition to ensuring that the proper security controls are in place and configured correctly, we provide you with expert and integrated support on emerging cloud threats and solutions.

Industry-leading protection

Benefit from a wide range of security solutions offered by Azure, including industry-leading firewalls and antimalware. Our security governance solutions enable us to easily deploy security solutions and automatically collect security events for analysis and alerting, ensuring your cloud environment is completely secure.

Always ahead of cloud threats

With Hanu, you will always be ahead of emerging cloud threats. We combine global threat intelligence with deep cloud expertise to secure all of your Azure deployments and recover from issues quickly.

Take advantage of cloud security

Our Security Governance services will define policies for your Azure subscriptions in accordance with your company’s needs. We will then recommend and walk you through the policies to simplify the process of implementing controls.


Committed to transparency, Azure maintains security-enhanced technology and effective compliance processes to meet the stringent regulations of today. Using a common set of controls, Azure environments are verified by third-parties and always ready to demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators.

Meet world-class industry standards

Achieve international and regional compliance standards with Azure. Verified by rigorous third-party audits, Azure meets a broad set of international, regional and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

Address business objectives and regulations

Azure is designed with compliance in mind. Comprehensive and independently verified, Azure’s innovative compliance frameworks help customers address business objectives, industry standards and regulations.


Our Data Governance services are the ideal way to close the loop on all of the benefits your Azure environment has to offer. We will help you set and manage parameters for data usage, create processes for resolving data issues and enable strategic decisions throughout your enterprise based on high-quality data and information assets.

Unlock secrets about your business

At Hanu, Data Governance is one of our specialties, and as a result we know how to analyze your data to uncover and help you benefit from additional operational efficiencies that lay within your cloud computing environment.

Gain a competitive edge with actionable data

Take full advantage of the all of the data your Azure platform has to offer by putting it to good use. Our Data Governance specialists deploy data modeling tools to translate all of your information into actionable intelligence.

Ensure data quality and credence

Data Governance at Hanu is not just about analyzing your data, but transforming it into comprehensible, relatable information that can be used industry-wide. This approach gives credibility, added meaning and value to your data.

Cost Control

We provide cost transparency tools as well as reporting and analytics resources to help you achieve greater financial and cloud policy control throughout your entire enterprise, while maximizing your total investment with effective IT governance.

Optimize your Azure spend

Our Cost Controls Governance services let you optimize your performance-to-price ratio with advanced tools for usage tracking and critical cost drivers. Let Hanu help you gain actionable insights into future spend and cost projections, and strategically align resource consumption costs with their appropriate business entities.

Determine your “plan of attack”

Continuously optimize your Azure spend with role-based reporting and “what if” usage simulations. Hanu will determine your best “plan of attack” for preventing wasted resources and usage violations by generating budget planning versus actual cloud spend reports and more.


The DevOps Governance services at Hanu help make your application lifecycle faster, more predictable and ultimately, more effective. We leverage a variety of industry perspectives and automated workflow methodologies to drive communication and collaboration between you and our development and operations teams.

Deliver better software, faster

When you work with Hanu DevOps, you can expect higher quality software, faster. Practicing DevOps with Hanu will help teams respond faster and mitigate errors with automated processes. Additionally, we maintain a wide set of tools to enable DevOps practices on-premise and in the cloud, letting you access your data however you need it.

Control costs and minimize risks

Save time and money with our DevOps Governance services by managing environments more efficiently and reducing time between coding and deployment. Our fully automated and deployed production environment will help you ensure compliance, while keeping the process organized and transparent among stakeholders.