Enabling Pharmaceutical Innovation Through Ready Access to Information and Collaboration

Pharmaceutical Innovation

· Reducing R&D Content Search Time Speeds Development, Reduces Costs

· Cloud-based Solution Brings All Resources Together

Collaboration is key to creating new pharmaceutical innovations.

With many teams and individuals from functionally diverse disciplines working in many places across long periods of time the research content they create is often housed in many different ways in many different places. Other useful bodies of knowledge include content published by other teams from various organizations who may have worked on the same or similar projects in past.

Given the sheer diversity of sources, one of the greatest challenges to leveraging all of these resources is that they are each organized differently, and some information resources may not be organized at all. Coupled with the time it takes to find and reach each of these resources, research becomes a very time-consuming and cumbersome activity.

Cloud – The Ideal Solution

The very definition of cloud computing suggests that it is the ideal solution to the challenge of facilitating pharmaceutical research and development to the point where it can be accomplished quickly and easily.

“Cloud computing” with all the marketing mystery stripped away, is the practice of connecting and utilizing computing resources from a wide variety of places and sources to create solutions with broader reach, greater resiliency, and simplified access. One of the key characteristics of cloud computing cited by the National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST) is that there be a layer of abstraction between the users and the underlying technologies. In other words, the users only need worry about the work they are trying to do and the information needed to do it without having to worry about how to connect the two.

Through efficient use of cloud based storage and integration of content sources, a significant reduction in R&D content segregation can be achieved. The cloud based content repository also offers a cost efficient means to organize, archive and search research articles created by diverse teams working on the same drug over the complete discovery lifecycle. In one recent example, a large pharma organization reduced R&D content search and access time by over 60% through the use of cloud based applications.

What Users Need

Users in the pharmaceutical research & development community want to be able to publish content created internally and procure content from a wide variety of external sources. They want to be able to access this content using various desktop, laptop, tablet, and handheld devices without concern for where they are and what connections are available. To simplify access they prefer to work through portals, and to simplify interaction and collaboration they appreciate a flexible array of social media access modalities.

Most important is that search be global and fast, and that archiving is easy and readily available to their community.

Administrative Considerations

From an administrative perspective it is critical to keep content creation, content curation, categorization, tagging, and overall content management simple and highly flexible. Data sources must be readily integrated and new sources assimilated without manual conversion. The sanctity of the community is another key concern. Security provisions must assure that only authorized and approved users be allowed access to proprietary materials. Role-based identity and access management provides a level of flexibility that most research environments will benefit from.

More and more R&D organizations are also recognizing the management and control benefits available from utilizing applications and tools built on standardized platforms such as Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft System Center.

A Suggested Solution

Hanu’s Pharma eLibrary solution utilizes a cloud based integrated repository for managing all research and design content in document, image, multimedia or other unstructured format. The solution integrates with existing knowledge management systems and other sources of data which include internal papers published by drug research teams, scientific journal subscriptions, syndicated research content from partners and industry sources, and content mined from social media and the internet.

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