Discover the Windows Azure Marketplace

The Windows Azure Marketplace is an online market for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. Serving approximately 50,000 users and more than 70,000 subscriptions, both Enterprise organizations and ISVs use the Marketplace to find applications and data sets that solve problems and add value.

Find data to enrich applications

There is a wide variety of data including demographic, environment, financial, retail and sports data sets that you can use in Microsoft Office software, BI tools and to augment the value of your custom applications. Trial subscriptions and sample data allows you to test and find the most appropriate content to enable your applications. It’s easy to visually explore the content with the browser-based Service Explorer tool, submitting queries and previewing results.

Find and sell applications through a trusted source

For the ISV, the Windows Azure Marketplace gives you a global online sales channel to find new customers and new revenue opportunities. Common security, billing, provisioning and auditing infrastructure integrates with your existing application to make it easy for you to serve customers well. The Microsoft branded Marketplace gives you credibility and builds trust in your application.

New Countries  

A recent update to the Marketplace expands commercial availability to more markets, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Peru, Romania, South Korea and Trinidad and Tobago.

New Features

The Windows Azure Marketplace update also included new features that expand options for Enterprises and ISVs alike, including:

  • Bing API exclusively available through the Marketplace – The Windows Azure Marketplace is the only way to access the Bing API.
  • Integration of PowerPivot – With the launch of the Public Preview of Excel 2013, the Windows Azure Marketplace offers a PowerPivot integration. Find a data set, build a query, pull it in and add the power of world data to PowerPivot.
  • Sample Data – Sample data gives you better insight into the shape and meaning of data offers, and reduces the number of steps needed to get meaningful data views.

The Windows Azure Marketplace is a powerful resource for Enterprise organizations and ISVs. If you are interested in moving your application to the cloud to take advantage of the marketplace, we’ve got a great tool to help. The Cloud Application Assessment takes less than 10 minutes and will give you a report with recommended actions.