Cloud Strategies Session: Control your future.

Hanu Software and Microsoft did a two hour breakfast session at Microsoft office, Metro Park, New Jersey on 25thJan 2013. The whole theme of those two hours was as follows. (This was with customers around New Jersey region). The announcement for the session can be found here – Join Hanu and Microsoft for a Cloud Strategy Session on January 25th 

  1. Listen to your customers and that’s value add to being with. [What they think about Cloud.]
  2. Technology should help solve business scenarios, save time and money for our customers.
  3. Business scenarios need not align to technology offerings per say.

The name of the session was “Cloud Strategies”. The highlights of the discussion were as follows:

  1. Our CEO, Anil Singh gave the Welcome. Followed by Barry Atlas, our VP for Cloud Strategies. Barry explained about the Hanu’s Windows Azure Cloud Adoption model (WACA Model). The attendees explained about their view of the cloud, their pain points and scenarios.
  2. Francesco Rietti from Microsoft talked about some excellent case studies as to how and why customers used cloud/ Windows Azure and how it’s benefitting them. Francesco is Azure Business Development Manager for Partnerships for Microsoft. He clearly highlighted the starting point which was very important. Because cloud adoption is on every CIO’s wish list, they only don’t know (or are taking time thinking) where and how to get started.
  3. Phani Tipparaju our Cloud Architect started the technical discussion (details). We started by having a look at the evolution of the cloud, actually it goes way back to 1961. We touched upon big three tech revolutions or disruptions à PC, Internet and third being Cloud (Cloud is a metaphor for complexity that does not need to be managed). How there was resistance on the part of companies to move from steam to electric power during the 1900 to 1935. We then looked at Windows Azure feature set and caught up with few important announcements which happened last week-
    1. Release of Windows Media Services (GA)
    2. Broadcasting Push Notifications to millions of mobile devices.
    3. Add-ons
    4. One thing I personally found interesting was people ignore implementing a business function thinking that it will take massive amount of time and technical know-how and technical plumbing work. But that thought was demystified by understanding the details and “how” Windows Azure makes it so simple to enable the newer scenarios and the fact that you can embrace them without fear of massive investment upfront. For example, without WAMS (Windows Azure Media Services) , one could never imagine building the whole 9 yards of building an intranet, B2B or internet youtube or netflix like website in spite of having all the content. The business case is there but the technical implementation hurdle overweighs the business case to be implemented if you think on-premise. Windows Azure Cloud Services truly enables you to build applications which need security (Windows Azure Active Directory), Media Services, Hybrid Scenarios and many more with great ease.
    5. And of course you have IaaS, if you just want to lift and shift anyways.

I think it was a wonderful session and customers thanked us for doing that. We will be doing one such session per month. Will keep you posted about the date(s) and venue(s) for future such sessions.