Charting Your Course to the Cloud: The Basics

Four Critical Cloud Considerations for ISVs

As the adoption of the cloud accelerates, pressure increases for ISVs to port applications to the cloud. By 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will be using some form of software-as-a-service. The risk of not upgrading your application to the cloud quickly is real.

Understand the Basics

The challenge is finding the right platform to customize your software quickly, deploy it and deliver the level of support that your customers expect from you. Fortunately, Microsoft Windows Azure offers a clear choice for application developers.

To chart the right course for your application’s unique requirements, there are basics you need to understand, including:

  1. Windows Azure is the platform for SaaS scalability. SaaS applications require a highly scalable, highly available cloud-based service that can be used simultaneously by many customer organizations. Just as Windows provides a platform for traditional on-premises applications, the Windows Azure platform can support SaaS applications.
  2. Cloud computing doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing.  ISVs can choose to enhance an existing on-premises application with cloud-based functionality, such as running some code or storing a subset of data on the Windows Azure platform. This incremental approach can provide a low-risk way to gain experience with this new kind of technology.
  3. More than just end-user applications. If you’re an ISV that provides infrastructure add-ons or developer aids for the on-premises Windows environment, Windows Azure platform can work for you as well. As more computing moves into the cloud, transitioning your products is an important way to maintain your revenue stream.
  4. Cloud platforms are different from traditional hosting. From a technical perspective, the Windows Azure platform provides a programming model expressly designed to create scalable and available applications, with simplified administration.   As a result, the Windows Azure platform can provide better technology and lower costs for ISV applications.

To get a further guidance on your journey to the cloud, download the informative whitepaper written specifically for ISVs “The Windows Azure Platform and ISVs: A Guide for Decision Makers” by David Chappell. Click here to download