Build Partner Opportunity for Channel Success

Every successful business partnership includes significant returns for both partners. As an ISV, you may depend on service partners like Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs) to help you sell and implement your software. When you make the move to the cloud, help make the transition easier for your service partners to keep that relationship moving forward.

Help your service partners build revenue opportunities

The VARs and SIs that have included your solution in on-premises deployments are dealing with transformational changes in their margin and service models. Subscription licensing impacts their cash flow and customers opting for SaaS business applications need fewer implementation and IT management services.

As you plan your move to the cloud, consider how you can help these partners add value to clients through add-on services. Through your development efforts and pilots with customers, you may see service opportunities that the VARs don’t yet appreciate. For example, customers may ask you for advice on configuration best practices and employee training programs.

Help your VAR and SI partners build service opportunity by providing them with guidance to:

  • Build service packages that deliver industry best practices,
  • Identify additional departments or new industries that could benefit from using of your application,
  • Add training service programs to support the application.

When you help your service partners identify and package services, they will be far more interested in promoting your software to their prospects and customers. VARS and SIs are dealing with overwhelming change right now. By demonstrating your commitment to help them adapt, you build a tighter partnership that will benefit both sides in the long run.