IT & Application Portfolio Assessment

Our IT & Application Portfolio Assessment services are designed to modernize the software applications in your existing IT portfolio. This exercise helps ensure you’re gaining value from your existing applications by both integrating them with new software and by recommending ways to keep your technology investment fresh and viable.

Weigh your options

Keeping your application portfolio up to date involves a myriad of options, from leaving the application “as is,” to integrating the application, migrating the application to new technology or eliminating it altogether. There are many factors to consider when making these strategic decisions, which is why the expert team at Hanu is here to help.

Cut costs and boost productivity

Modernizing your company’s IT application portfolio is a great way to reduce operational costs as most systems require both a hardware infrastructure and software licensing fees. Consider downsizing to the most strategic, cost-effective platforms to increase developer productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Reduce unnecessary complexities

As applications evolve, it is likely that your existing IT applications have been modified to remain current and active. Over time, this leads to a complex and inflexible system code. By moving these legacy systems to an environment where they can be easily maintained and updated, your company can reduce system complexities and boost productivity.

TCO & ROI Analysis

Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI Analysis service help you gauge the direct and indirect costs and benefits of applications within your IT portfolio. Cloud computing will help you reduce TCO by decreasing the need to invest in large capital expenditures, such as capacity and maintenance.

Estimate your cost savings with cloud computing

As experts in cloud computing, we leverage true cloud-based TCO calculations to determine the purchase price per IT component by measuring infrastructure, personnel skills, cost of cloud service when in operations, agility, value of avoiding future capital expenditures and cost of risk around compliance issues.

Report estimated cost savings to executive leadership

Our TCO and ROI analysis will produce cost savings reports that let you estimate your current TCO from running applications on premise or in traditional hosting environments versus with Azure cloud services.

Cloud Roadmap

Our Cloud Roadmap service provides your company with a visual representation of its entire application portfolio. We take an outcomes-based approach to this exercise, providing best practices and cloud consulting expertise to accelerate time to value with cloud. The roadmap assesses the value and costs associated with keeping each of your company’s applications in its portfolio. Then, outlines each application’s strategy over a given time to assist management with strategic application portfolio decisions.

Align enterprise-wide leadership teams

At Hanu, we have the results to prove that an effective cloud roadmap can align business and IT goals. In fact, organizations with a cloud roadmap are six times more likely to feel aligned with their current business needs.

Improve application quality and satisfaction

Organizations with a cloud roadmap are 200% more pleased with the quality of their applications, as they can focus on dispositions and other portfolio enhancements in alignment with priorities, business value and level of urgency.

Optimize processes and close gaps

Your roadmap motivates the optimization of application rationalization processes by revealing inefficiencies and gaps in rationalization initiatives. We call on decades of experience to design high impact improvements that yield measurable results.