10 Ways to Use Web Applications to Serve Customers Better

According to a recent Information Week survey, a resounding 81% of CIOs believe that web-applications for customer top the list as most important to building customer ties. While mobile applications also ranked high at 69%, the importance of web applications to the enterprise remains the top priority.

Make doing business easy

Web applications for customers aren’t just for placing orders. There are countless ways that you can offer customers more value through a useful portal. If you are looking for ways to make it easier for you customers to work with you, the following list may give you some ideas.

  1. Order placement – Make it easy for your customers to search for products and place an order online.
  2. Configuration – Allow your customers or distributors to mix and match product components. For example, furniture retailers showing customers what their sofa would look like in a variety of fabrics.
  3. Training – If your product requires user training, give customers the option to train on line at their convenience through a training portal.
  4. Education – Provide advice for your customers related to your products and services. For example, a medical device company offering healthy living advice.
  5. Scheduling – Give your customers the opportunity to schedule appointments or service calls easily.
  6. Information service – Give customers easy access to the product information that they need. For example a pharmaceutical company provides a drug information portal searchable by symptoms, actions and ingredients.
  7. Cost estimates – Allow customers to estimate the cost of your products and services. For example, an equipment rental company provides a calculator for equipment based on day rates.
  8. Track shipments – Allow customers to check the status of their order from placement to delivery in one convenient place.
  9. Inventory – Give your customers the opportunity to check on the availability of products. Build in functionality to suggest alternatives for out of stock items and offer promotions for complementary products.
  10. Project management – Provide your customers with a project portal to share documents, schedules and build community for the duration of a project.

Today’s customers expect information and interaction on their terms and in their time frames. Web applications give you the opportunity to deliver on their expectations easily. Let’s talk about what web application would make your customers happy.